Term of event:   23th of March to 24th March 2019
Check-in:           Friday 22nd of March 2019 from 6:00 PM in Trenčín, gym "Sokolovňa"

Start time:          23th of March 2019 at 6:00 AM on the parking place before gym "Sokolovňa", Trenčín

Start fee:           ??€ per person (TBD soon)

Registration:     Please use registration form on this webpage, or send registration data on the email

                          stovkaletecka@gmail.com .

                         Registration data  have to contain name, surname, country of origin, post address, age,
                         phone number, and email. Registration will start on January 14th 2019.
Track:               Race lenght: 105 km
                         Total positive altitude: 3750 meters
                         Race go especially trough hiking roads in "Považský Inovec" mountains.
                         It is good marked (hiking marks, special reflection marks...) and trail surface
                         is not too rough. For details see this link, or contact us. Course profile:

Actual weather forecast: ---
Required equipment:      Head-light, replacement battery, full-charged cell phone, adequate wear
                                       and hiking shoes, food and water supply (able to add on the check-points),
                                       first aid kit.
Notes:               Each participant must carry a medical kit with the mandatory minimal content.
                         Each participant is obligated to consider his/her bodily and mental qualifications 
                         for participation in an ultra-trail race and to get sure about his/her suitable health 
                         state before the event. For the case of dangerous weather conditions coordinators 
                         reserve the right to change the event programme or to cancel the event. In case 
                         of any questions related to the safety please contact the race organizers.
We are looking forward for meeting you in Trenčín in March 2019.

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